Fitness Classes
in Morzine

Spinning classes, suspension training classes, HIIT and body conditioning

The fitness instructors can provide you with a whole range of class work outs in our fantastic studio in Morzine. The instructors are full of experience and enthusiasm and bags of energy.  With a maximum of 8 people in a class you will receive plenty of individual attention.

Spinning class in Morzine

Spin bike classes

Instructors will help you set up your bike and teach you our basic cycling positions, then follow their lead and cycle along to great music, find the rhythm to take you on a journey of flat riding, hill climbs and sprints. A workout that delivers maximum results with minimum impact on your joints.

All spinning classes our run at our fitness centre in Morzine with classes held all year round.

Demanding suspension training classes.

Suspension training classes

Suspension training uses a set of straps hooked to a ceiling. Suspension Training uses functional movements that help you become more efficient and stable in everyday movements

Total body fitness with body conditioning classes in Morzine

Body Conditioning Classes

Your instructor will take you through a series of exercises to activate and strengthen the stabilizing muscles that support and protect the body.

Hiit and Circuit fitness in Morzine

HIIT and Circuits

A moderate to high intensity workout suitable for all levels. You will use a variety of equipment from boxing bags and focus its to kettle bells and dumbells to mat based exercises without equipment.

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