Really Great
Massages in Morzine

Enjoy the perfect massage in the comfort of your own chalet
or come to our treatment rooms in Morzine

Have you been pushing your limits with your training in our Morzine gym?  Or do you fancy having a great massage as part of your holiday in Morzine?  Anyone and everyone can benefit from a Mountain Rehab massage. Using our experience and knowledge and in consultation with you, your massage will be tailored to your individual needs.

We are experts in Sports massage, Deep tissue massage, Relaxing/post exercise massage, Trigger point and Myofacial Release.  There are no formulas to our massages, so just book us for as long as you can and we will give you the perfect results.

Looking for something to complement a massage? Why not take a class of pilates in Morzine?

Mobile massage in Morzine

Mobile Massage in Morzine

Why step out of your chalet?  For massage treatments of more than 1 hour, we will visit you in the Morzine, Avoriaz, Les Gets, St Jean D’Aulps and surrounding areas.  Your mountain rehab therapist will arrive with couch, oils, fluffy towels, strong hands, great knowledge and experience.

Physical Therapy
Treatment room massage in Morzine

Treatment Room Massage in Morzine

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the Morzine village and enjoy a fantastic massage in a tranquil environment.  As soon as you step through our doors you will feel calm and relaxed.  Our 4 lovely treatment rooms are just a 5 minute walk from Morzine town centre.

Rehabilitation & Sports

Meet our therapists

Our wonderful Morzine massage therapist Irene.

Irene Hernandez

Our wonderful massage therapist Irene has been working with us in Morzine since 2022.  Training in Spain as a Physiotherapist and remedial Sports Massage Therapist, Irene moved to Morzine and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience.

She is passionate about helping you to move more easily and believes that regular massage, whether deep tissue or relaxing, can benefit everyone.

Massage therpaist Veronica Guzman

Veronica Guzman

Vero is originally from Patagonia, Argentina and decided to live in France after falling in love with the Alps.  She loves nature, and its outdoor activities.  She trained in Spain as a masseuse specializing in the chiromassage technique and other energy techniques such as Reiki.  Since her arrival in France she has  learned deep tissue and sports massage techniques.  She is also a Holistic lifestyle and functional nutrition coach and has written a book called ‘Reach within and dare to dream’ about personal development and self-help. She is passionate about wellness and being able to provide a feeling of revitalization, recovery and deep relaxation to our clients.

Our Trainers
30 Minutes


45 Minutes


60 Minutes


90 Minutes


Four and a half hours


Avoid massage envy in your chalet.

Book a therapist for four and a half hours and split the time between you as you like.

Frequently Asked

  • There are sometimes reasons why you should not have a massage and sometimes reasons that we need to modify our treatments.  Your therapist will complete the following screening form with you before your treatment. 

  • We require 24 hours notice if you want to cancel your booking, otherwise you will be charged in full.

  • As long as you can! In 30 mins we can usually work on specific areas, either your legs or neck and shoulders for example.  If you know that you are particularly tight you may want 45 mins for just specific areas.  During one hour we can usual complete a full body massage but if you have the time then 90 mins is always preferable!


  • A massage can be a lovely treat for you and your baby whilst pregnant.  The massage would be gentle and relaxing but could be focussed on specific areas of tightness if necessary.  Your massage therapist will find you positions of comfort for you.

  • Think of it as body maintenance.  If your body is in good condition all the muscle groups will have equal length and strength. Massage can relieve tension and stress that can build up in the muscles and can iron out unwanted knots. 
    Prevention of injury is always better than cure.  As a Physiotherapist, I often treat people who may have been complaining of a tight calf for example, for a couple of weeks, continued to work or exercise on it and then suffered a calf strain, resulting in having to take time off their chosen exercise or work for a period of time while they recover.
     Everyone’s needs and preferences are different but idealy a good massage should be received monthly. It is especially important to start off the winter with your body in good shape and during the winter season your family, friends and your business will thank you for looking after yourself.
  • Sports massage is massage tailored to help your muscles return to full function after physical exersion and the techniques used will depend on the Sport you have been taking part in and what activities you are wanting to take part in for the hours or days following your massage.  Some people enjoy the sensation or ‘good pain’ of a deeper massage where as for other clients the same pressure would cause them to tense.  We are experts in modifying the pressure applied to your needs and preferences and will discuss this with you.  We will always be aiming to leave you feeling great and don’t inflict pain just for the fun of it!

  • Yes, if you think that your child would enjoy a massage then we are very happy to offer them this experience.  We ask for parent/guardian’s written consent and completion of the health questionairre and ask that they are also present during the treatment.

  • To make the most of your massage time, please make sure that you are ready to go at least 5 mins before the appointment time ie- showered, warm and relaxed.  Make sure you have had a drink and are not hungry but equally that you don’t have a full stomach!

    If we are visiting you at your accomodation, then please make sure that there is a place for the therapist to park near by, and that you have a warm space ready in which she can set up her massage couch. 

    If you are visiting us at the treatment rooms, check out the map ahead of time so that you know our location.  During the winter it can often take longer than you think to get off the slopes, so please allow plenty of time.

    For larger group bookings, the more prepared you can be the better.  Make sure everyone knows what time their massage is due to start are are ready to jump on the couch ahead of time!

    We cannot emphasise enough, how much better your experience will be if you have made these preparations.

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